Green River Homes

  • Location

    Auburn, WA

  • Size

    77,017 SF

Green River Homes was a major partially-occupied renovation of a 60-year-old former Public Housing Development comprised of 30 single story duplexes (60-units) and a management office building. The renovation drastically improved the appearance of the buildings and increased the energy efficiency, meeting the Evergreen Sustainable Development Standards. Interior renovations include new doors, cabinets, counter tops, wall finishes and floor coverings. Six residential units have modified bathrooms, kitchens and living areas to accommodate residents with mobility problems. The project also improved the community's open space with a new playground, basketball court and extensive site work, including landscaping, replacement of all curbs and sidewalks and the resurfacing of the street running through the development. New water and gas lines were also installed as part of the project.